Category: Paranormal Investigations

There are several things to take into consideration when picking a paranormal investigation group:


Ask: How long has your group been together?
      How many years of experience do the group leaders have investigating?
      What kind of training has the group been involved in?  

There is no “license” or “certificate” that qualifies a group for paranormal research.

Ask: What is the ultimate goal of your group?
       How does your group respond to the changing technologies and theories in the paranormal field?
       How does your group approach the analysis of possible evidence?

A scientific approach to investigation includes the gathering and analysis of photographic, audio, and video evidence, as well as the careful observations of the investigators.
Ask: Can you provide references from your previous clients?
         Can you provide references from other experienced persons in the paranormal field?     

Being on television does not mean a team is credible.  Such publicity should not be the ultimate goal of any group; instead, it should be a byproduct of having established credibility through continuous learning, hard work, and positive relationships with clients.
Ask: Does your group have regular meetings?
       How do you manage updating equipment and knowledge?
       How does a person become an investigator with your group?

A team that is well-organized and has established protocols will conduct a more efficient and effective investigation for its clients.