Category: Paranormal Investigations

Here at PDGA, we understand that deciding to contact a paranormal research group can be a difficult decision. With that in mind, we have found that the best way to help you understand what we can do for you is to show you exactly what to expect. The entire process of our investigation is presented here for you.

The process starts from the moment you contact us. Your email comes directly to the inbox of our Board of Directors, who review the details of your case and determine which of our team members is best suited to handle your case. This team member will contact you soon after to consult you regarding the haunting. Consultations, like the rest of the services we offer, are free of charge and completely confidential. Nothing you say during your consultation will be published or discussed by anyone outside of the case manager and Board of Directors.

If, after consultation, it is determined that an on-site investigation is needed, your case manager will work with you to establish a date and time that fits your needs. The team will then come to your property at the established time. We have several forms that are required to be signed before we can proceed with an investigation. The Investigation Permission Form simply verifies that you have legal rights to permit us to investigate your property and that you are giving us permission to do so. The Information Release Form establishes the level of confidentiality you wish for us to hold for your case. This can range anywhere from allowing us to publish everything about your case, to allowing us to publish nothing. We at PDGA pride ourselves on professionalism, and will respect all confidentiality contracts signed.

Once the forms have been signed, the team will begin to set up for the investigation.  We will use camera and audio equipment, as well as meters that measure various forms of energy in an attempt to contact, document, and study any spirit that may inhabit the property. Only after rigorous study of the phenomena will we be able to determine the nature of it and what can be done to help you. After we collect the necessary data, and ensuring that you feel safe with us leaving, we will pack up our equipment and leave your property. Over the course of the following days we will review all the data we collected during our invesitgation. Once all the data has been reviewed, we will contact you to establish a time to go over what we have learned regarding your case. If it is determined that a second investigation is needed, we will establish an appropriate time for that to take place.

We do not consider a case "closed" until you, our client, feel satisfied and safe. We will continue to work with you until you are comfortable with the results of our investigations. We believe that 90% of the fear of ghosts comes from not understanding what is causing the phenomena. We believe that once a true understanding of the haunting is achieved, a client can live peacefully with the spirit. However, we do have contacts in the religious community if you feel you would like your home blessed to try to remove the spirits within.

We hope that this detailed explanation of what to expect has given you some ease during this time of difficult decision making, and hope that you will contact us for help when you are ready.