Category: Paranormal

This FAQ will hopefully answer some of the questions you might have regarding hauntings and the science of paranormal research. If you find that your question is still not answered, or you seek even more information, feel free to contact us .

What is a ghost?
To give you the most honest answer possible, nobody knows. Since ghost phenomena very rarely presents itself in the same way twice, it is impossible to conduct a truly scientific study into what ghosts are and why they exist. Many people believe that a ghost is the consciousness of a person combined with the natural energy present in their body that is left over after death. Other people might argue that ghost phenomena is caused by psychokinesis, which is the ability of the subconscious mind to manipulate the physical world.

If it's impossible to truly study ghosts, why do you try?
While studying ghost phenomena is currently outside the ability of modern science and technology, in the near or distant future it may become possible to study it more accurately. With that in mind, since investigators are already in the field collecting data for studies, this will allow future research to take place more easily. Also, helping people who are afraid of the phenomena they are experiencing to better understand what is causing it, is a very rewarding experience.

What do paranormal researchers do?
While every researcher has their own special techniques and tricks they use on investigations, we all generally operate in similar fashion. We use technology such as video cameras and audio recorders to try and capture out-of-the-ordinary images and sounds that may occur, and various meters and thermometers to try and measure unexplained changes in the natural atmosphere of a location. Many teams also like to work closely with mediums while on investigations. A Medium is a specific type of psychic who has the ability to see, and sometimes communicate with, spiritual beings.

I think my house is haunted! What should I do?
Paranormal Detectives of Georgia exists to help you. If you feel you have a haunting and are unsure of what to do, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to listen to you and, if needed, perform an on-site investigation of your property. We are able to offer phone or email consultations regarding any location, no matter where it is in the country. However, our range of travel for investigations is slightly more limited. If the location you feel is haunted is outside of our coverage area, we will request your permission to refer it to one of our affiliate groups closer to you.