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Our group, the Paranormal Detectives of Georgia, investigates the homes and businesses of those who feel they may be experiencing paranormal activity.  We do our best to provide an explanation of what is going on, why it's happening,  and what can be done to help.

Our completely FREE investigations include:

  • Decades of experience

  • Interviews & Consultation

  • Historical Research

  • Photo, Video, Audio Recording

  • Environmental Data Gathering

  • Experimentation

  • Debunking

  • Data & Evidence Analysis

  • Recommendations

  • Comprehensive Final Report

As a member of the TAPS family for over 10 years, we service the entire state of Georgia, and if needed, the surrounding southern states.




The Paranormal Detectives of Georgia is a professional paranormal research group based in Atlanta, Georgia. Formerly RGPI, we have been part of the TAPS family since 2008. We service all of Georgia, as well as select areas of the Southeastern states. We exist in the attempt to scientifically study and document cases of authentic paranormal activity, as well as to help individuals experiencing this phenomena to understand the reasons behind it and what can be done to help their situation. 


Here at PDGA, our primary concern is the safety and comfort of our clients. Having years of experience dealing with paranormal phenomena, we understand that the experience can be quite frightening and unsettling. If you feel you may be experiencing a haunting in your home or place of business and would like help in understanding why it is happening and what can be done, please read our Haunting FAQ and fill out our Request an Investigation form to contact us about taking a personal look at your situation.


LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia

TEL: 404-721-4286

Feel free to give us a call, or fill in our contact form with any questions or comments!

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If you believe you are experiencing a haunting and would like the assistance of PDGA, please give us a call at 404-721-4286 and leave a voicemail or fill out the form below and we will email you back as soon as possible.

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